Outdoor energy storage power supply

Outdoor energy storage power P420 Blue



Function description:
2 USB 5V/2.1A output, 12V vehicle interface output, EC5 12V interface high current output, 16-20V notebook computer power supply output, 12-19V charge input
Application products:
Car / boat / motor start, tablet PCs, mobile phones, e-books, game machine, digital camera, MP4, notebook computer, model aircraft power supply, car refrigerator / heat
Cup / electric lunch box, mini printer, all kinds of lamps, aquarium heater, photographic equipment, balancing electric unicycle, ventilator, massage instrument, medical equipment, inverse
Converter, etc..
Application occasions:
Home standby, self driving travel, outdoor work, camping and picnic, climbing expeditions, media expedition, fire rescue army brigade.
Characteristic description:
1 super capacity: 420WH (113000MAH).
2 efficient and intelligent output: intelligent CPU control mode, the key switch to separate the separate control of each output, the intelligent choice of output voltage current, high efficiency conversion to achieve
95% above.
3 accurate measurement: bid farewell to the traditional LED power calculation, the big screen LCD display, using the latest BMS (smart battery management system) technology, so that electricity
Pressure, capacity, percentage at a glance. Full security: over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, temperature protection, anti - protection, short circuit protection,
Electromagnetic field protection, restoration and protection. At present, the only one in the market to do the positive and negative pole can be directly short circuit of the car starting power.
4 top waterproof: two kinds of waterproof grade, in addition to IP3, the other is currently on the market the only whole sealing waterproof, waterproof grade IP8 of the outdoor storage
Power Supply
5 kinds of charging mode: the power adapter is charged, the solar charge is charged, and the car is charged with the vehicle.


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