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Safety and full capacity to choose the “volpower” power Bank

Author:VOLPOWER Time:2014-12-20 number:

   With the tablet, big screen smart phones and other electronic products is more and more closely connected with people’s life, the more  people can’t stand the belongings without power. With the mobile power bank supply, power outages no longer fight back! Want to charge, then charge, let "happy interruption power". Mobile power bank supplied on the market are intermingled with good and bad quantity, however, the quality and safety problems have occurred, causing a lot of people who want to buy, but can’t laid hands on him.


        In recent days, general administration of quality supervision inspect and quarantine to monitoring of 32 batches charging treasure, the result shows: the qualified rate of zero, including a charging treasure brand volpower was exposed, bad capacity, pose a safety hazard. Looking at all the stories like this, we cannot help asking is there not a mobile power supply is safe enough and don’t be truly empty mark? Below here to introduce the shenzhen volpower  technology co., LTD is specialized in the development of best quality mobile power bank, will give you the answer.


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